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Riverwood Apartments Development

Overview of the Riverwood Apartments Development

Riverwood ApartmentsI’ve had a lot of requests to find information about the development that’s currently in the clearing phase on Dodson Chapel Road. If you have seen the Urban Development Overlay for the Villages of Riverwood, then you probably know that in 2004, the Riverwood Apartments were proposed to be built in that space. While this could be disconcerting for some, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

As I receive updates on what’s happening with the Riverwood Apartments, I’ll post them here.


Notes on what I know so far:

    • Proposed to have about 352 units.
    • Sits on 54.67 Acres of land.
    • Some of the apartments will be Carriage Style (garages below the living quarters).
    • There may be elevators included for upper levels.
    • Architectural style will include stone, brick, and higher end designs.
    • The owner intends for them to be the “highest end apartments in Hermitage”.


    Update from 6/20/2018 – I spoke with the owner of the property who’s developing the apartments. It was an encouraging conversation in that he provided as much information as I could expect to get in such an early stage. He said they are intending to have around 352 apartments. Some of them will have garages and be a carriage style abode in design (basically the garage will be right under the apartment). He also is thinking they may include elevators for upper levels for ease of access.

    The owner emphasized that the apartments will be higher end. Along with that, the architectural style will be higher grade cladding, including stone and brick. As a side note, he specifically stated (and I quote), “I’m intending these to be the highest end apartments in Hermitage”. And for availability, he’s hoping to break ground in the Fall.  The hope is that tenants will be able to start moving in about a year later.

    As for the rumours of there being shops or any other commercial activities on the first level of the apartments, this is not true. They are not zoned for any sort of commercial use. In order to add anything like that the property would have to be rezoned. The owner verified he has no intention of doing this.

    Last updated: 6/20/2018I’ll be posting updates as I get them.