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Magnolia Farms Development

Overview of the Magnolia Farms Development Plans

Beazer’s Magnolia Farms development is to be built on about 90 acres with around 36 acres of green space.  They’ve proposed 160 single family homes, 61 homes with alley lots, and 68 villas.  They’ve proposed a total of 289 units with a clubhouse that includes a fitness center, swimming pool, and a large open space for recreation.  Along with the homes, they will realign Hoggett Ford Road to connect both sides so Riverwood would be able to access Central Pike via Brandau Road.  Currently, they are planning parking for homes only, along with the clubhouse area.  It’s hard to assess from the plans, but it doesn’t look like there will be street parking designed.

Last updated: 5/17/2018 – Click to jump to latest update.
I’ll be posting updates as I get them.

Breakdown of Home Types

Alley-Load Cottage
(pg 8)

  • Lot Area (min): 4,500 SqFt
  • Max building coverage: 65%
  • Minimum of 10 ft setback from street

On page 8 you’ll see all the stats along with architectural style.  These homes will all have garages that face an alley instead of the front street.

Front-Load Single-Family
(pg 9)

  • Lot Area (min): 5,000 SqFt
  • Max building coverage: 70%
  • Minimum of 20 ft setback for garages

On page 9 you’ll see the style will match the Tuscan Gardens community.  From the looks of it, all homes may be 2 story (I haven’t verified this yet).

(pg 10)

  • Lot Area (min): 8,000 SqFt
  • Max building coverage: 75%
  • Duplex-style homes, 2 homes on each lot

On page 10 you can see all the stats along with the elevation examples.  The key takeaway from these units is that they will have 2 homes per lot, essentially a duplex.

Proposed Amenities

As of now they are proposing that there will be bikeway/greenway trails connecting to adjacent properties and potential commuter rail stops.  Conceptually, they will total 3,450 ft long.  Along with this there will be a clubhouse in the middle of the community.  This includes a fitness center and swimming pool separate from the Villages of Riverwood.  It’s also adjacent to a large open green space with a pond that is meant to be a park area.  I’ve seen plans that include a playground, but in the latest revision I haven’t seen that.  So I’m assuming they scratched the playground in lieu of the larger “park” area.


Magnolia Farms Phase 1 Section 1

Last updated – 5/17/2018

We now have a Final Subdivision Plat map for Phase 1 Section 1. From the looks of it, they will be starting with 34 homes. 20 will be the Alley-Load Cottages (garage is in the alley), and the remaining 14 will be the Front-Load Single Family (garage is on the street). When looking at the plats, lot 40 is a Single Family loaded from the street despite the alley you see behind it. The Cottages will have a lot area of .10-.13 acres with one (lot 46) having .15 acres. The Single Family homes will be .13-.15 acres with one having .17 acres (lot 47).

My current understanding is that Phase 1 Cottages are set to break ground around June-August, with the hopes to finish by around the Thanksgiving time-frame. The Single-Family homes are hoping to break ground around October-November, with sales starting around the August-September time-frame.  And I want to make a couple things clear. First of all, keep in mind that these dates are not concrete. Furthermore, they are by no means any sort of officially stated times from Beazer or anyone working for/with Beazer. Finally, this is just my current understanding based on the information I’ve collected so far. In June they are having a “VIP Sneak Peek” I’ll be attending, so I’m looking forward to finding out a lot more at that time.

I’ll let you know as soon as I know!
I’ll let you know as soon as I know!