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Time to Move

Real estate isn’t just the buy or sell, it’s also the move.  As you get situated in your move, it’s important to make sure you have all your services aligned for title, warranty, inspections, etc.  Feel free to ask for a vendor list if you need someone to help out with any part of getting into or out of your home.  Any vendor I have on my list has been put through the ringer to get there, so you can rest assured I know they are worth recommending.

What do I mean by Vendor?

Vendor ListSometimes people ask me what I mean by “vendor”.  Vendors don’t work for me, they also don’t get any sort of commission or fee from me.  If they refer someone to me, or I refer someone to them, it’s just a referral.  This is great for me because I don’t feel pressured to send people to them.  It’s great for you because you are not getting a recommendation for a plumber or lawn guy because I get paid for it, it’s because I trust them.

So when you see me recommend someone, know that it’s because they are someone in the industry that I trust.  I either use them myself, or I’ve experienced their excellence first hand in some other area.  I love to reward small businesses for doing well, and I want local businesses to succeed.  That’s why I have my vendor list, it’s those who I know will treat you the way I would.

If you do end up being mistreated or something goes wrong with someone I recommend, please let me know.  I want to make sure people are getting the best service possible.  Plus, if someone is really good, make sure you really let me know!  We want to make sure local businesses flourish, especially when they do a great job.