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Villages of Riverwood 2018 Second Quarter Market Stats

Villages of Riverwood 2018 Second Quarter Market Stats

It’s a lot of numbers, but it can be pretty interesting if you like to analyze what’s happening in the Villages of Riverwood when it comes to the real estate market. If you have thought about selling, this data collection is for you. This is also great for those who are just curious about what’s going on in the neighborhood. That’s what the Villages of Riverwood 2018 Second Quarter report is for.

The graph data helps to illustrate the stats in relation to each other. Pricing, final closing data, days on the market; it’s all in there. The data is presented in a way that is hopefully pretty easy to digest, if it’s not feel free to drop me a line and let’s make it easier to read!

Download 2018 Q2 Villages of Riverwood

Included are the last 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month breakdowns of the following stats:

  • How many homes were listed for sale
  • Number of homes that actually sold (closings)
  • The number of homes that withdrew from the market before selling
  • Bedroom, full bath, and half bath statistics
  • Year built, square footage, and price per square foot data
  • Original list price (what did the houses originally get put on the market for)
  • Final list price (what were the houses listed for when they entered into a sales contract)
  • The final sold price
  • Days on market (how many days it took from the date it was listed for sale, until someone entered into a contract to buy the house)
  • Days contracted until closing (how long it took after someone signed a contract until the house officially switched to the new owner)